Concrete acoustic barrier

Concrete gives the ultimate peace-of-mind to property owners. Concrete panels are pre-cast in controlled environments, guaranteeing the integrity of the panel.

Intexa Projects constructs acoustic barriers to TMR standard, a very rigorous standard that ensures the panels and the structure will endure.

Panel spans can usually be designed up to 4.0m, and heights of the structure can get up to 6.0m high (multiple panels). Achieves a superior 288kg/m2 density, making it the best sound reduction solution available.

Features + Benefits

  • Long design life
  • Ultimate strength and durability
  • Painted options to improve aesthetics

Ideal Uses

  • TMR projects
  • QR projects
  • Council applications
  • Multi-residential developments
  • High end multi-residential developments
  • Estate/subdivision boundaries
  • Highways
  • Childcare & education
  • Government projects

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