Composite acoustic barrier

A composite panel is a modular panel constructed from fibre-cement sheet exteriors with a polystyrene core. They have been designed and engineered with endurance and longevity in mind, while using durable and lightweight materials.

The composite panel looks like a concrete barrier and be painted to give more effect. Options for larger post spans (up to 4.2m), and TMR/QR options available. Also options available for retaining walls.

Features + Benefits

  • Modular, easy installation
  • Looks like concrete/block, but less expensive
  • Painted options to improve aesthetics
  • 15-year warranty

Ideal Uses

  • TMR projects
  • QR projects
  • Council applications
  • Multi-residential developments
  • High end multi-residential developments
  • Estate/subdivision boundaries
  • Highways
  • Childcare & education
  • Government projects
  • Feature barriers

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