Aliwood acoustic barrier

AliWood is an aluminium sound barrier panel, suitable for all types of applications including TMR. With multiple tones and finished available, it is most impressive with the wood-grain finish. This gives developers the benefits of the wood-like aesthetics, with the no-maintenance benefits of aluminium.

The AliWood panel is extremely versatile; able to span up to 4.8m and able to act as a retaining wall up to 1.2m in height. In addition to its impressive features, each panel is light-weight making it simple to install.

For any barrier, the AliWood design is the most impressive for developers and architects.

Features + Benefits

  • Modular wood-grain aluminium sound barrier system
  • Approved by TMR
  • Achieves 20kg/m2
  • Engineered to be used up to 5.0m high at 4.8m spans
  • Able to be used for retaining walls up to 1.2m high
  • Light-weight for easy installation
  • Full range of colours and grains available

Ideal Uses

  • TMR projects
  • QR projects
  • Council applications
  • Multi-residential developments
  • High end multi-residential developments
  • Estate/subdivision boundaries
  • Highways
  • Childcare & education
  • Government projects
  • Feature barriers

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